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Web & Mobile

(Note - HTML5 games are best played in Chrome or Firefox desktop browsers)

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Metal Legs - FREE

iOS Android Play - HTML5

An endless runner - you know what to do, keep running! Avoid the drones and obstacles on the rooftops, collect coins for bonus points.

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Plucky Parrot - FREE

iOS Android

How far can you fly? Guide your plucky parrot through the jungle, grabbing fruit for bonus points if you dare! (Base code for this game is open source via Congo, see below).

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Stroppy Swan (LD48 game)

iOS Android Play - HTML5

Get gobbling in this retro-style arcade action game. Dodge rival swans, and go for big combos! This game was made over a single weekend as part of the 'Ludum Dare' game jam.

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Pool Zap (Prototype)

Play - HTML5

Prototype for a new type of pool game. Zap the board to move the balls - play pool the dangerous way! Uses Box2d physics. Full version to come.

+ Much more!

These are just a few of our releases. Watch this space for more great games in 2014.

Monkeying Around.

Congo game framework.

With the power of the MonkeyX programming language, and our open-source Congo framework, you can make great cross-platform 2D games with ease. Complete with playable game demos and full documentation.

Visit project on Google Code

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Pack it in!

SpriteBuncher, for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Try our free, open-source texture packing tool. Tons of advanced features, and an easy-to-use graphical interface. Outputs to popular formats, including Cocos2d, Unity, XML, and JSON. Written using C++ and Qt.

Download from GitHub

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